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What is White Plum Decor? 

Welcome to White Plum Decor.  My name is Jamie Wert, and I am the founder of White Plum Decor, where you will find afforable and stylish staging and design.  I studied Interior Design but ended up in sales and training with top luxury branded companies.  That is where I realized that my creativity just needed to be brought out and put to good use.  

While living in the northern Virginia area for the last 6 years, I've studied real estate trends and saw the need for staging.  With so many families moving in and out of the "DMV" footprint, there needed to be a way to offer more affordable staging solutions to people to sell their homes quickly and to make a better profit.

That is where White Plum Decor was born.  Many ask me what the company name stands for.  So with all honestly, here is the explanation: 

White = blank, fresh canvas 

Plum = something superior or very desirable

Decor = a stage setting

I have two goals and all you need to do is determine which one best suits YOUR needs.  I will do the rest!

1. Help you make more $$$ from the sale of your home by staging your space to appeal to a broader range of buyers

2. Turn your house into a home by design while taking your dreams and bringing them to LIFE!

Thank you!